COVID-19 Cleaning Regimes & V-Class Customer protection screen

Kelly Executive’s V-Class Extra Long Wheelbase fleet have now all been retrofitted with bespoke fabricated partitions between chauffeur and passenger compartments for increased safety for both our staff and patrons.

Kelly Executive creates secure passenger area

Kelly Executive have adapted their fleet of Mercedes V class vehicles by fitting a high-grade separation material to the driver’s cabin, coupled with a new vehicle preparation regime involving disinfection of passenger and drivers’ areas prior to any journey. The vehicle will give optimum protection to our guests.

2.4m separation between passenger and driver

The Mercedes V class is the only vehicle that is consistent with UK government guidelines on social distancing. Rear seated passengers are separated from the driver by 2.4 meters.

The vehicle cabin separation screen is fitted from vehicle roof to the floor and will stop any large airborne virus particulates from entering the passenger area from the driver’s cabin.

Hygiene Standards
  • All drivers health monitored on a daily basis
  • Drivers will wear face mask
  • Vehicle disinfected by anti bacterial wipes to “high touch areas” and use of disinfectant aerosol after each journey
  • Hand sanitiser offered to all passengers
Questions from our customers:

Please see below, answers to important questions we have had from clients.
And a full explanation on the new procedures Kelly Executive has introduced.

Q: What provisions have Kelly Executive introduced for passenger and chauffeur safety?

A: Kelly Executive is operating our Extended Long Wheelbase Mercedes Benz V-Class which offers 2.4 metres between the chauffeur and passenger(s) in the rear cabin and the only vehicle which matches government guidelines on social distancing.

Separate to this, modifications have been made for partitions between chauffeurs and passengers as an increased measure.

Kelly Executive have also introduced enhanced cleaning standards, detailing vehicle sanitisation and disinfecting routines, details of this can be found below alongside changes to our standard greeting protocol

Kelly Executive will review and update our protocols daily in accordance with the latest UK Government advice.

Q: Is Kelly Executive safer than Uber, Addison Lee and Blacklane?

A: Yes, Kelly Executive is safer; we operate with reduced passenger loads while average Uber drivers are required to perform approximately 18 jobs per day, Addison Lee and Blacklane are also reliant on higher passenger numbers daily with the former subcontracting all work without oversight of the chauffeur.

Kelly Executive is a bespoke chauffeur company and will not exceed 4 journeys per day per chauffeur giving ample time for all vehicles to be thoroughly disinfected prior to and after each passenger use.

All vehicles are directly owned and operated by Kelly Executive – no subcontractors are used to ensure that all safety protocols are followed correctly.

Greeting & Cleaning Protocol:

All Kelly Executive chauffeurs be wearing PPE facemask at all times, will refrain from greeting you with a handshake and instead offer hand sanitiser.

As an addition to our usual high standards; our staff all have undergone intensive training for vehicle sanitisation. Our fleet of Mercedes Benz V-Class (Extra Long Wheelbase) have now been modified with passenger and chauffeur safety in mind with thick high-grade heavy PVC, separating both passenger and chauffeur compartments.

Vehicles are to be deep cleaned prior to the commencement of any work. Vehicles are professionally cleaned and inspected by senior management in house prior to release to you.

As a supplier to Reckitt Benckiser Plc all vehicles will be sanitised using Dettol All in One Disinfectant Spray for Hard & Soft Surfaces which has shown to be effective when tested against other coronaviruses (such as MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV).

On arrival and prior to your scheduled collection your chauffeur will again sanitise the cabin and disinfect exterior door handles.

Chauffeurs to remain vigilant washing hands prior to collecting clients and at every available opportunity, where this does not present itself hand sanitiser has been provided but should not be considered a substitute for good hygiene.

Chauffeurs to change PPE masks for each assignment with no more than 4 assignments to be undertaken by in any one day. All Magazines and Newspapers have been removed from our vehicles at this time in order to reduce potential transmission.

On completion of your journey your chauffeur will again disinfect the vehicle.

All our chauffeurs are required to report any change in health (personally and their household) each day with zero tolerance taken should any symptoms of COVID be apparent.

Kelly Executive is here for you however we can help at this time, if you have essential travel needs, or require secure courier facilities we remain on hand to assist 24/7.

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